Seven Souls in the Skull Castle 髑髏城の七人

Dec 7 (Sat) 7:00 pm / 189 min + Q&A (30 min)

$11.00/ ticket

Hidenori Inoue
Kazuki Nakashima
Shun Oguri
Mirai Moriyama
Taichi Saotome
Eiko Koike
Ryo Katsuji
Riisa Naka

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We are proud to present the North American premiere of Seven Souls, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. This is a filmed version of stage work done by the Gekidan Shinkansen troupe, and is truly unique. Don’t miss this one folks.

The year is 1590, the 18th year of the Tensho era.
After the demise of warlord ODA NOBUNAGA, Japan is about to be unified by TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI. However, one man in the Kanto region defies unification. That man calls himself TENMAOH (Mirai MORIYAMA) and leads the KANTO DOKURO-TO (Skull Clan), an armed group hiding in the pitch-black DOKURO-JO (Skull Castle), though he once worked for NOBUNAGA. SUTENOSUKE (Shun OGURI) happens to rescue SAGIRI, a woman who has been chased by the KANTO DOKURO-TO and their bloodthirsty leader, madman TENMAOH. To hide and shelter the woman, SUTENOSUKE meets MUKAIYA RANBE (Taichi SAOTOME) at a brothel district.  Manipulated by magical fate, people congregate in the Kanto region. When the shared past between SUTENOSUKE and RANBE, and their relation to TENMAOH, come to light, the dark ambition of TENMAOH is revealed. Without regrets, SUTENOSUKE and his seven souls head for DOKURO-JO, though it is surrounded by 20,000 soldiers, to destroy it and stop TENMAOH’s dark ambition.

About the production:
Filmed live on stage in Tokyo, one of Japan’s leading theatrical troupes, GEKIDAN SHINKANSEN brings a new live-theatre style of film screening to moviegoers, as their popular stage performance becomes a cinema experience.

The film runs at just over 3 hours and includes one intermission.




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