Nobody's Perfect だいじょうぶ3組

Dec 7 (Sat) 11:00 am / 118 min

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Ryuichi Hiroki
Masato Kato
Taichi Kokubun
Hirotada Ototake

©2013 daijobu 3kumi seisaku iinkai

Based on Hirotada Ototake’s autobiographical novel “Daijobu 3 Kumi” – which details his experience of becoming a teacher, even though he was born without arms or legs — Nobody’s Perfect depicts the interactions between the physically-challenged teacher Akao, and the 28 students in his 5th grade class. Told from the vantage point of school board member Shiraishi, who helps Akao with his teaching this is a drama with a ton of heart.


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