Library Wars 図書館戦争

Dec 8 (Sun) 2:45 pm / 128 min

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Shinsuke Sato
Akiko Nogi
Junichi Okada
Nana Eikura
Kei Tanaka
Sota Fukushi
Chiaki Kuriyama

©"Library Wars" Moive Project

In 2019, public anger at media excess has led to censorship of television, newspapers, the internet, books, movies, and music under the ‘Media Betterment Act’. To fight the armed ‘Betterment Squads’ that go around destroying objectionable materials, the nation’s libraries have formed their own para-military ‘Library Defense’. Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura) is a new recruit to the corps, where her instructor and squad leader is Atsushi Dojo (Junichi Okada). At first repelled by his by-the-book approach to leadership, she is gradually won over by his commitment to their battle for ‘books’ and ‘the freedom to know.’
Based on the light novel “Toshokan Senso” by Hiro Arikawa.


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