Death & Tanya 死神ターニャ

Dec 7 (Sat) 7:30 pm / 80 min + Q&A (30 min)

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Taishi Shiode
Taishi Shiode
Tateto Serizawa
Yurie Kobori
Agasa Ogata


Written and directed by 2012 Golden Zipangu award winner Taishi Shiode! We’ll sit down with him after the screening for Q&A.

Grim reapers become human when they cry, but when one takes over a human body, he encounters a woman who causes all sorts of disasters. If this sounds like a great tear-jerking premise, think again. This grim reaper only became human to eat hamburgers. If the idea of a grim reaper seems off-putting, think again. It’s not the only deity in this movie. It creates a new kind of cinematic groove that takes its story both humorously and seriously, and moves at a fast pace with one incident quickly following another. Co-starring Tateto Serizawa and Yurie Kobori, and featuring a distinctive supporting cast.



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